Welcome to Telnet Service Site on Sourceforge.

The Telnet Service is a java library that allows to integrate telnet server functionality to apps. It takes care of the underlying telnet plumbing and delegates the business logic to the containing app through a simple API.

The jars provided are OSGI 4.1 compliant, please refer to the 'Manifest Headers' in each sub-project menu item for a listing of


Many applications (especially servers) require an administration console, which usually leads developpers to add a web-based user interface or a dedicated client to it when one would not otherwise be necessary. The claim of the Telnet Service is to provide the needed functionality to add telnet capabilities to an application, with minimal development for integration and maximal control over that functionality.

Application developers and integrators will be able to avoid the costs associated with the implementation of the telnet service's internal functionality; while focusing on its aspect and business functionality.

Users will benefit from a universal and simple user interface with low system requirements and functionality customized to their needs.

This project is divided into 3 parts

  • Core Service : the core service, it's the central engine for the service. It's customizable though extensions;
  • Extensions : a set of extension implementations of features usually available in a console interface; and
  • Off-the-Shelf : a set of off-the-shelf bundles that can be deployed with little to no additional configuration.

Core Service

The core service is responsible for running the TELNET engine, accepting incoming connections and managing them, and interact with the extensions on events on the connection. (Read More )


For those looking for a custom made integration with the service, the following are extensions available; please refer to their respective integration guides.

JAAS integration
Implementation of an Action Handler that handles authorization. It intercepts activity while in a non-logged-in state and interacts with an underlying JAAS LoginModule for authorization; and passes the actions onto a provided Action Handler for the handling of activity while in a logged-in state. (Read More )
Command Syntax
Implementation of handler-sets that abstracts the developer over the implementation of command parsing, tokenizing, and syntax checking, and parameter type checking. (Read More )
Based on the Command Syntax features, simplifies command entry by Tab-autocompleting them. (Read More )
Line History
Recalls previously entered lines through up/down arrows. (Read More )

Planned Extensions

User Profiles
Provides a generic functionality to safe-keep information on a per user basis. This functionality can be used by extensions such as line-history to remember history between sessions, etc.


Is a telnet console service for osgi framework administration. Currently available for felix , in progress for SpringSource DM Server (planned for others such as https://glassfish.dev.java.net/ ). (Read More )


The guiding principles governing the design of this service are:

 It should provide the telnet connectivity functionality, without restricting its content or behaviour

The main functionality of this service is to provide telnet connectivity. An additional requirement is that it does not limit the integrating application's freedom of controlling its content. For example, the service will ask the integrating environment for the prompt it must display at the beginning of each new line, but does not impose that one be there (the prompt can be an empty string).

 It should be easy to use from the programmer's point of view

The service customization is provided through simple and straightforward APIs and the service core is implemented to give the flexibility of reflecting the application's business logic. For example, the integrating environment is provided a callback instance that will allow it to print to the console, the printed text may be editable or read-only, etc.

 It should provide flexibility for security mechanism integration

The service authorization and authentication mechanism is Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) version 1.0 compliant which allows it to be integrated with a wide variety of JAAS compliant LoginModule s available; A few examples are providers by Apache Tomcat (Realm provider); by Sun (SunPKCS11, SunRsaSign, SunJSSE, etc); by Oracle (XML providers and LDAP providers); IBM (IBMJSSE, IBMCertPath, IBMPKCS11Impl etc) and many others.